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3D Ultimate




“The Reason our non-surgical technology has proven so popular is because as a brand and a device we are fundamentally different” Roydon Crowley


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3D Lipo is the new 3 Dimensional approach to fat loss, skin tightening and cellulite elimination. Nothing else offers such a complete and effective solution and a true alternative to surgical liposuction. The results are so good that 3D Lipo is currently a Finalist in the Aesthetic Awards for Best New Technology.

Unlike other lipo systems that use Diode Laser (I-Lipo, Strawberry and Laser Lipo) our technology within 3D Lipo physically destroys the fat cell. The advantage of this is that exercise is not required post treatment in order to metabolise the released fat, which is a significant advantage over existing methods.

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Now it’s easy to get rid of those love handles, post-pregnancy pooch, or “muffin top” comfortably, conveniently and safely.

Losing abdominal fat and back fat through diet and exercise is practically impossible for many of us. Other areas for successful treatment are flabby backs, flabby arms (bingo wings), buttocks and hips, inner and outer thighs, fat knees and large calves.

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