Body Shape Lipo Body Contouring Treatment

Body Shape Lipo Body Contouring treatment.


Body Shape is a 3-in-1 body treatment technology for:

  • Lipo Body Contouring
  • Fat Reduction
  • Anti Cellulite

3 Powerful body technologies simultaneously:

  • Vacuum Suction
  • Radio Frequency (RF – bi-polar)
  • Lipo Laser


With Body Shape, you get 3 proven body technologies simultaneously for even better results.

A world first. Don’t settle for less.

With Body Shape you get 3 times the power with a world unique 3-in-1 simultaneous body technology treatment device for the most superior results for Lipo Body Contouring, Anti-Cellulite & Fat Reduction


How Body Shape 3-in-1 technology Works:

3 Body Technologies employed simultaneously for synergistic enhanced results:


1Vacuum Suction:

  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage and blood circulation
  • Reduces volume of fat chamber in hypodermis
  • Enables energy delivery to deeper level by suction
  • Promotes vasodilatation and extravasations of oxygen
  • Reduces viscosity of fat cell clusters
  • Stretching effect of connective tissue, fascias massage
  • Improves oedema, Achieves contoured body line

2Radio Frequency (RF):

  • Promotes metabolism of Fat cells & Lipolytic activities
  • Facilitates fibroblast activity
  • Tightens collagen fibres for targeted lifting which is important after fat reduction
  • Improves skin elasticity & firming

3Lipo Laser:

  • Emits specific wavelengths of light designed to target fat cells(650nm)
  • Delivers the lipo laser energy deep into the fat layer
  • Liquefies the fat to remove the fat easier
  • Significantly reduces the size of fat cells
  • Improves the substantial body contour