3D Skintech Lightening Serum

3D Skintech Lightening Serum:

Lightening serum combines the most advances natural skin lightening ingredients to suppress the flow of Tyrosine which ensures only the areas of Hyperpigmentation are lightened. A natural alternative to skin bleach for correction of uneven skin tone, dark spots and overall brightening.

Key Ingredients:

-Alpha Arbutin (Pigment Prevention)

-Primula Veris extract, Alchemilla Vulagaris extract and Melissa Officinalis leaf extract (for uneven skin tone)

-Licorice (Calming)

Natural botanicals provide Bio suppression of discolouration, Hyaluronic acid aids in skin health and promotes a more youthful Appearance.

Lightweight serum is a targeted treatment for hyper-pigmentation control and skin tone correction. With every application dicolourations and dark spots diminish and new radiance is unveiled.

Perfect for after exfoliation care to lessen the risk of post inflammatory hyperpihmentation.

Suitable for skin types needing pigmentation correction or are at risk of Hyperpigmentation.

Available in the clinic.