3D Skintech Time Defense Cream

3D Skintech Time Defense Cream.

Carefully formulated moisturizer for all skin types with skin nutrients that improve the Texture, Appearance and Performance of the facial epidermis. Intense delivery of Anti-aging ingredients in a Light Weight hydrating base.

Key Ingredients:

-Squalane (natural moisture)

-Ubiquinone (regenerating)

-Aloe barbadensis leaf extract (calming)

-Hyaluronic Acid (hydrating)

Promotes and amplifies Collagen and Elastin production, Powerful antioxidants diminish the damage caused by free radicals (one of the main causes of Aging), Nourishes skin cells, Stimulates circulation and refines the epidermis.

Soften, smooths and hydrates for improved skin appearance. Suitable for prevention of aging, Mature skin types or sun damaged skin and premature aging.

Available in the clinic.