3D Skintech Unit

Normal Selling Price  €13,000+ Vat

skintechRemember when you buy from 3D you are buying more than just a machine you become part of a winning team and share in the success of the 3D-brand name!. You might want to follow the YouTube link below to experience why the 3D-skintech is in a league of its own as a complete prescriptive package for all of your clients facial aesthetic needs


Why 3D-skintech?

3D-skintech is set to create a revolution in the non-surgical Aesthetic skincare market. What’s different is that no other system currently offers the individual stand-alone quality of each technology in this superb multi-platform device. To witness the Buzz created at our launch event in January please follow the You Tube link below.


3D-skintech not only offers a comprehensive range of combination treatments for anti-ageing, pigmentation and acne but can be used for dedicated services offering microdermabrasion, mesotherapy, radio frequency and LED.

As a further alternative each technology can act as an accent service to any treatment allowing you to focus on areas of concern.

Used in conjunction with our unique technology or as a stand-alone service we have a dedicated range of skin peels and cosmeceutical skincare products that ensures that we have a comprehensive and prescriptive approach to your clients’ needs covering;

1.)     Preventative approach (Cosmeceutical skincare with actives for the effective treatment of acne/pigmentation and anti-ageing)

2.)     Preventative curative approach (Peels combined with cosmeceutical skincare to intensify the treatments above)

3.)     Curative approach (Combines multiple technologies to accelerate the effects on anti-ageing, acne and pigmentation)

4.)     Curative + approach (The ultimate result driven approach which combines multiple technologies in conjunction with the relevant    peels and skincare)

Our unique approach will ensure that your clinic will be able to profit from the endless opportunities that our 3D-skintech technology and products present.

A word from Dr Martyn King

Cosmedic Skin Clinic in Tamworth is owned by husband and wife team, Dr Martyn King and Sharon King. Both are recognized experts in the field of aesthetic medicine and are national and international accredited trainers, holding certificates in all aspects of cosmetic medicine and have written articles for leading cosmetic magazines as well as television. They are both regular speakers at national and international aesthetic conferences and during the last 12 months, Martyn and Sharon have lectured and demonstrated at the BCAM, BACN, BAS, FACE conference and Cosmetic News Expo.

Dr Martyn King is a GMC registered doctor, member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, board member of the British Association of Sclerotherapists, Chairperson of the Managing Aesthetic Complications Expert Group and on the medical advisory panel for Aqtis Medical.

‘ To complement our core injectable business the 3D-skintech has added an array of new result driven facial services to our clinic menu as well as the combination services for our more curative patients. We recognized that this device offered the stand alone quality of each technology in a unique machine that will ensure that we both deliver the results but equally can make money from the start due its affordability. As a clinician too many times in the past we have invested huge sums of money in a single concept that has proven difficult to profit  from. In my opinion this type of system represents the future in our industry.’ Dr Martyn King – GP and Clinical director Cosmedic Skin Clinic